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Pet Care, Health, and Lifestyle Articles is a resource created for owners of dogs, cats, birds, and rabbits. Here you will find dozens of articles with useful information about your animals -- including health, flea control, senior pet care, feeding, crates, clickers, agility, allergies, dog odor control, anxiety and fears, grooming, behavior and training tips, pet insurance, and more. Most animal articles first published in 1995.

Your pets are a precious part of your family. Domesticated animals are as varied as the people they live with and depend on their owners for their care. Pets play an important role in the home and are wonderful companions for children, adults, and seniors. The bond that forms between a family and their pet is a joy and pleasure.

In 1995 Toby Lee created a 300 page website about animals, mammals, birds, reptiles, and fish. Schools used the website for research and information for their students, and the website was involved with the Roadkill Project as part of a National Science Foundation teacher enhancement grant. The website also was number 1 in search engines for more than 2 years, and Toby Lee received over 200 emails every day from visitors with questions about their animals. Many awards were received for expert content.

Over the years Toby Lee raised giant green iguanas, African grey parrots, cockatiels and parakeets, many dog breeds including rescues and purebreds, cats, forest hinge-back tortoises, hamsters, gerbils, and tropical freshwater fish in 55 gallon aquarium tanks. Her experience with all kinds of animals makes her an expert.

While working as a Google Answers Researcher when the project launched in April 2002, until the service ended in December 2006, Toby Lee specialized in answering questions about animals.

Qualifications include ghostwriter for 75 animal articles and 2 eBooks about pets. She's also a researcher, web designer, editor, and proofreader. If you have a project, please contact us.

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